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The company Robomailing in Moscow offers its services to conduct targeted mailings to customers interested in promoting their services and products. Among the advantages of mailing (direct mail) - the ability to select the audience for various parameters and affordable price.

Delivery of information or advertising materials directly to the addresses of legal entities and individuals is a demanded service that, with the proper organization of the process, gives noticeable results. Direct mail from our company is a number of advantages:

Affordable cost of services.
Restriction of territory for the organization of address dispatch.
Guaranteed direct contact with the audience.
The ability to use various forms of presentation and design solutions for the design of mailing letters and advertising (direct mail).
Confidentiality guarantee.
The relevance of the information in the address mailing of the direct mail, so that the addressee can keep the materials for later use.
Different approaches to customer service.
Direct mail: history and essence of the concept
The development of the direct mail industry was strongly influenced by the growth of large trading companies in the US in the early 20th century. Such enterprises sought to rapidly expand the scope of their activities and develop trade not only in the cities where they were directly represented, but also in the vicinity. To this end, they began to print product catalogs and distribute them by mail. The address mailing of advertising led to the rapid appearance of such a concept and phenomenon as "address bases for mailing."

Almost immediately, the new sales technology helped companies to significantly increase the number of customers and profits. The first specialists appeared who began to conduct research and study the direct address mailing (direct mail) as a business tool. Researchers came to the conclusion that information about the product that a person saw in the catalog is well remembered and remains in memory for a long time!

The company Robomailing provides various services in the field of direct mail throughout the world. Ordering a mailing list from us, you receive marketing of excellent quality and at a bargain price.

The best prices in industry


Address mailing today is a proven and reliable way of communication and interaction of enterprises between the same companies and individuals.

With the help of direct marketing you can find new customers, communicate with regular and potential customers, find out their need, offer their services and products exactly in the goal. Large arrays of databases and their variety offer a base for mailing on all sorts of parameters:

B2B mailing: the opportunity to choose such parameters as:

Direction of activity, branch of the organization;

Number of people working in the company;

Regional affiliation, etc.

B2C Mailing List:

Sex and age;

Having a car;

Family status, etc.

Today, direct mail is used to deliver subscription publications, bank products and insurance organizations, invitations to exhibitions, notices of payments, debts, fines, receipts for housing and communal services, offers of services and goods.

To attract new customers, the company or manufacturer can provide discounts, free services or samples to familiarize with the product or service during the initial stages of attracting the client.

Also, mailing is used to deliver prizes and interaction during the promotion and to support communication after the end between the organizer and the participant.

You can always notify your client about changes, promotions and special offers.

We are ready to offer you the whole range of works related to mailing correspondence.

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