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10 advantages of direct-mail:

Clarity of the target audience - as a rule, direct mail advertising is sent to a specific list of recipients, not all in a row. The author of the mailing himself forms the base of the recipients, guided by certain criteria. The most striking modern example is the chain of supermarkets "METRO", which sends to consumers a separate printed magazine with special offers of the week.
Personal appeal - in view of the fact that you yourself control the list of recipients - you know how each of them is called. It helps to address a potential buyer in person, by name. Moreover, in direct mail, privacy is often played out, which only improves the degree of personalization.
The lack of an alternative - if you compare direct-mail with newspaper advertising, where one ad and message competes with dozens (or even hundreds) of competitors, then in direct mail advertising the reader gets acquainted with one specific proposal on which he makes a decision.
There are no editorial restrictions - when placing advertisements on third-party media, one always has to follow some internal rules or restrictions-that is, the volume of words, the size of the ad itself, and so on. In direct mail you are your own editor and decide on your own content and volume.
Ability to use different materials - in direct mail you can immediately use several formats of printed promotional products - catalog, brochure, coupon code, invitation, etc.
Access to creativity - when you are your own editor, you can completely give vent to your creative ideas, not being afraid that someone can "hack them". Starting from the original color or envelope shape, ending with the uniqueness of the inner filling.
No queues - not always the desired ad slot (especially advanced) in the right media at the desired time is free. We have to either wait or look for a worthy analog. With direct-mail, such inconvenience does not exist at all.
Convenient testing - due to the fact that you are your own editor and director, it gives you the opportunity to conduct self-testing in order to improve the effectiveness of the whole campaign, when you can divide the target audience into specific groups on the list, when you can find the most convenient time for mailing and etc.
Monitoring deadlines - you do not adhere to the terms that you impose analog advertising media with reference to specific days of the week or depending on the specific periodicity. You yourself send advertising when you want, up to a specific date.
Free copywriting - often the policy of certain advertising media and existing rules do not allow advertisers to use all the desired copyware copy. And here you have no such "stopper", what kind of device do you want to use - this is what you are implementing.
And one more interesting moment - considering the fact that the modern business environment is getting more and more electronic gadgets - direct physical mail advertising in the box has more chances to be opened, in comparison with the frank "letter" to e-mail, because it is mainly designed for an ordinary person.

Nevertheless, direct-mail for corporate clients is commercial offers. Contact us and we will prepare an excellent sales letter for you.



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