“Subscribe to our newsletter!” Scream pop-ups on information sites. No wonder they scream, because every subscriber is worth its weight in gold, especially for young projects. Each subscriber is a regular reader who will come to you again and again.

That's only if you start a new project, there may be a problem - you need to somehow send the letters. Do not sit down yourself and do it manually!

No, do not bother yourself with such a routine work. Because there are special services for mass mailings.

There are a lot of them, and today we will introduce you to the ten most popular. We will focus primarily on the tariffs of each, but a detailed analysis of the features and benefits is the topic of another article :)


Mad Mimi is a simple service for creating, sending, sharing and tracking emails on the Internet. Founded in 2008.

More than 40 million emails are sent from it daily.

The service offers 4 tariff plans:


Forms, templates, letter themes are available. Mad Mimi uses SSL to protect the transmitted information - this is the same technology that banks and large electronic stores use to prevent eavesdropping, falsification or fakes.


Without exaggeration, the most popular service is primarily due to the pleasant rates. It has been operating since 2001, it is trusted by more than 12 million users.

The Russian-language version of the site is lame, so it’s best to go here if you have at least a basic knowledge of the language.

If you have 2,000 or fewer subscribers, you can send up to 12,000 emails per month for free.


Offers fully automated newsletters, responsive emails, advanced analytics, and many other handy tools.


Another foreign service for email newsletters, with a convenient and intuitive interface. Uses cloud software technology.

Streamcontact is reliable: the email will be delivered at the right time without delay.



Using the service, you can schedule a newsletter, create new ones, conduct testing before mailing, track mailing lists, send messages automatically.

Constant contact

American email marketing service, online surveys and event marketing. Allows small companies and organizations to create professional mailings. Founded in 1998, the service audience at the moment - more than 450,000 customers.

The first 60 days of use are free. Then you have to pay, and the price depends on the number of subscribers and the plan you choose. If without a template - the price starts from $ 20. per month (if less than 500 subscribers). If with a template - then with 45 cu.

For example, if you have from 2 501 to 5 000 subscribers, you will have to pay 60 cu (no template).

Smart Responder

Domestic mailing service, founded in 2002. Very popular among small and medium-sized businesses in RuNet.

Tariffs for services are quite reasonable:

Provides a visual editor, detailed statistics, complete subscriber management, automatic mailing, polls and testing, and many other useful features.


Subscribe.Ru (Sendsay)

The service was founded in 1999, occupies the first place in Russia, and is among the 20 largest mailing services in the world.

Currently, the Subscribe.Ru mailing service has opened more than 25,000 mailings, which are regularly delivered to more than 6,500,000 subscribers. Subscribe.Ru distributes more than 600 million emails worldwide every month.

It provides three tariff plans - “Start”, “Business” and “Individual”.

"Start" is free. Allows you to send up to 1000 email-messages per month on an address database containing not more than 200 addresses.

Tariff plan "Business" - paid.

The cost of the complex of services at the “Individual” tariff is calculated together with a potential client.


Domestic project, founded in 2008. UniSender allows you to do both email and SMS distribution, set up a chain of letters, embed social network buttons in the distribution.

Service rates are very democratic:

For mailings from 50,000 contacts, conditions are discussed individually.


Unified platform for email newsletters, SMS, push notifications and transactional emails. The service is easy to use, suitable for most standard tasks: send e-mail newsletter, available for viewing, including from mobile devices; make a series of letters, create letter templates, conduct testing, and much more.




Simple and convenient Ukrainian service. Provides the ability to order turn-based email marketing: full support of newsletters and the development of strategies for your business.

Of the possibilities I would like to mention the message editor with ready-made sets of blocks for creatingletters, and the ability to add ready-made HTML, a generator of product cards, customer segmentation into any additional fields. Tariffs: Pechkin Well-known domestic service. Offers personalization and segmentation services, auto-links, split-mailing, statistics and reports. A free account allows you to store up to 100 subscribers in address databases, send up to 500 letters per month without time limits. Payment - for subscribers or for letters. The more subscribers or letters - the lower the price per piece. Each of the services offers a number of unique functions, but there are many similar characteristics: statistics, segmentation, letter templates. You need to compare and find the best option for your situation.