In order to communicate with customers, online retailers often use email newsletters or, as they are called, email marketing.

Email marketing is used for:

informing the client in technical matters (order fulfillment status, registration information);
gathering feedback (feedback, resolving conflict situations, comments to the order);
broadcast announcements of future promotions, discounts and contests;
direct sales;
attracting additional traffic to the site.
Email marketing is not a magic pill that will take a business out of crisis or instantly raise sales. In real life, this does not happen. E-mails are only one link in the store's sales chain, which in skillful hands is turning into an effective tool. But no matter how strong it is, if other links have long since become rusty or broken, the effect of mailing will tend to zero.

In the article we will fully analyze the stages of work on the mailing list and how to independently compose letters for distribution.

Email Schedule
Let's see - how to plan the launch of the mailing list. On the way to planning email marketing you will need to overcome four steps.

Define e-mail targets
Before you ask yourself how to send an e-mail list, decide what you need it for. The goals can be varied, depending on which one you choose, the direction of all further work on the newsletter depends. What matters is that they must be concrete, measurable, and achievable.

Examples of goals for email marketing:

Attract 6% of additional traffic to the site.
Increase store profit by 3%.
Increase sales by 2%.
Reduce the number of "abandoned" baskets by 7%.
Analyze mailing competitors
Subscribe to the mailing lists of your closest competitors. For starters, let it be 5-7 companies. If there are no direct competitors or not enough of them, pay attention to adjacent areas or foreign colleagues.

Create a separate folder in your mail to which competitors' mailings will be automatically redirected. Register on their website, try changing your password, add products to the cart. Wait for the letters.

After a week or two, analyze everything in the folder. Examine the situations in which the newsletter arrived, what its content was. Write down what you liked or did not like, then apply it in your newsletter.

Analysis of mailing competitors

Target audience determination
Decide who is the final consumer of the list, for whom you make it. All other variables depend on it: frequency, content, design, text style.

Make a portrait of a typical subscriber - who he is, who he works, what disturbs him. So that customers like the newsletter, talk about solving their problems, write about what they are interested in.

For different segments of the target audience, compose different texts for distribution. Those chips and words that work in the same user group may be useless in the adjacent category.

Solving organizational issues
When preparing to launch a newsletter, answer all the questions listed below. In the future, they will greatly facilitate your work on email marketing.

How often do you plan to send emails?
Who comes up with topics for new mailing lists?
Who is writing and writing letters?
Who approves the layouts?
Who launches the newsletter and analyzes its effectiveness?
Who manages all this?
Check list

Work with customer base
Without a subscriber database, it is impossible to launch any email distribution. Consider where to get email addresses for distribution and how to update them.

Collect customer base
Many entrepreneurs are thinking about the question: where to get email addresses for distribution. There are five effective ways to collect subscribers.

1. Subscription through registration and order forms
Add a check-box with a request for subscription to the newsletter in the registration and order forms. It is advisable to put this item before or after the user agreement confirmation field, and the check mark should be automatically.

2. Separate subscription form
Create a subscription form to the newsletter in the header, footer or on the sidebar of the store. The form should be noticeable, but not distract attention from the target page actions.

3. Pop-up form
When using this method, it is easy to cross the line between simple reminder and obsession. When setting up pop-up forms, ask the programmer to set a limit of one impression per visit. It will not be superfluous to prescribe a script of actions, after which the appearance of the window is programmed. For example, after the fourth navigation through the site 10 seconds after the end of the page loading.

Popup window on the site

4. Subscription page
Create a separate page on the site with one target action - subscription to the newsletter. Describe all the benefits of bonuses from her. The brighter and more convincing this page looks, the more people will subscribe to the newsletter.

5. AdditionalAdditional method: the button "inform when it is available" If the product is not available, add such a button to the product card. So you will receive an email of a “hot” potential customer who is ready to place an order at your store. Never buy email addresses. The effectiveness of sending it is nearing zero, and the risk of getting into spam increases. Actualization of the client base. First of all, clear the database of incorrectly entered emails and duplicates. To do this, you can contact the freelancers or try to do it manually by yourself. You need to clean the base every 1-2 months. Without a doubt, you can delete all sleeping users who have not opened your emails for more than 3 months, or ask them to reconfirm the subscription. Error in your email address Errors in Email Marketing These errors during mailings can be very costly for you. Remember them and never repeat. Newsletter store news - the first thing that theorists advise to add to the list, if you do not know what to write about. Do not believe them. Imagine yourself in the place of the recipient of the letter. Would you be interested to read the newsletters if all the stores where you have ever made purchases started telling you that someone from the staff retired or maid? If the news directly affects the quality of the product or service, inform its customers. 2 Irregularity In order to send out loyal customers, it must be regular. Maximum - once a week. If you write more often, you will start annoying your subscribers and they will unsubscribe. If the interval between letters increases by more than one month, customers will forget about your store, the percentage of opening letters will decrease. Manual control of the mailing list When sending letters manually, 30-100% of the letters are in the Spam folder. And you will not know it, because it is very difficult to collect reliable statistics in this case. At the same time, the larger the address base, the more employees will be needed to work with it. There is a way out. Use the services for mass mailings. How to choose from all their diversity, what requirements must meet the service, we will tell a little later. Ignoring the warmth of the customer. Sometimes shops do not want to waste time getting to know the customer and are trying to sell in the first letter. Do not do so. Consider the degree of "warmth" of the client. It is important to send different letters with different offers to customers who have just met you and that they make orders regularly in recent months. The effectiveness of the segmented by the warmth of customers' distribution above .5. Ignorance of the types of letters It happens, you read the letter in the mailing list and everything is interesting, useful and beautifully decorated. But somewhere in the middle, a nasty "buy-buy-buy" pops up. Immediately there is a feeling that you are trying to sell something unnecessary. Do not mix newsletters with explicit advertising calls - the number of unsubscribes from the newsletter will decrease. Refusal to test and analyze Before launching the newsletter on the entire base, test its effectiveness on a small focus group. This will save a decent amount, given the initially incorrectly constructed portrait of the target audience.7. Curve layout and unsuccessful design. Similar errors occur less and less, but still exist. Before launching, check whether it is displayed correctly on all types of devices, in all browsers and mail clients, whether all buttons work and whether it is convenient to read. Too much weight of a letter. Remember that not all subscribers have high-speed and unlimited Internet. The more weight of the pictures in the mailing list, the longer it takes to load. Reduce the size of the letter, but do not overdo it so that it does not affect the quality of the illustrations. Types of email newsletters There are three types of emails sent by online stores to consumers: service notifications; automatic mailing; regular mass mailing. Service notifications This group includes: registration confirmation letters, information for authorization, notifications about new messages, etc. Registration with CitrusAutomatic distribution Letters are sent automatically according to a pre-planned scenario. This group may include the first letter with information about the store, messages with discounts on goods with discounts from the user's basket. Regular mass mailings are sent regularly, regardless of activity, to all subscribers at once. In this group, congratulations on holidays are real and fictional, useful content, announcements of actions and events, a selection of popular products or new products and others. Regular distribution of lettersWe write the text of the letter for mailingHere we finally n We approached the most interesting part - how to write the text of the newsletter, what to write in the subject line of the letter. The name of the newsletter Remember the phrase "As you call a ship, it will float like this." This applies not only to the trouble yacht, but also to your newsletter. Come up with her sonorous and memorable name. Who knows, maybe your newsletter will eventually become as popular as Glavred. In the title oflinks you can specify: who is useful or interesting (for needlewomen, fishermen); in what form information is delivered (workshops, secrets, articles); mailing topic (how to choose a spoon, how to choose a yarn); benefits for the reader (how to save , convince). Acting person Select on behalf of someone to engage in dialogue with the reader - a fictional character, a specific employee, manager or abstract person of the company. Of course it is better if the distribution is from an employee of the company. It is desirable that at the same time it would be real for everyone, or at least the employees would know how to act if someone from the readers thinks of asking to invite the author to the phone. For consumer goods or for a hobby, sending out an invented character that gets into trouble or knits is effective. sews another sweater with readers.E-mail marketingTeam lettersWhen checking users' mail for the type of the words “Help” and “Discounts 90% —End of action”, the internal spam alert is triggered. At best, your letters will be deleted. But after all they can send it to spam. Even less often, open a letter with a personal appeal from an unknown recipient. Here are letters from Eshko that automatically go to “spam.” Letters in spam Effectively refer to readers' geography (only for residents of the Belgorod region), information about past purchases (you went fishing with a new fishing rod), relevance (50 gifts to the head of the new year), the question (why I don’t want to work in the fall). A good topic of the letter Close to the body Certainly the content for regular mass mailing by email can be divided into three groups: product advertising, promotions and utility announcements. Let us figure out what to write in the letters of each of these groups. Promotional letters “The most popular” and “again in stock” products are the choice of those who creatively burned out and cannot think of anything else, but the deadline is already on the nose. The effect of such letters can be expected - "oh, and they even have it?". Through such letters, you can unload the warehouse from “extra” goods or stimulate sales of “stars” of the product range. The optimal quantity of goods for one letter is from 3 to 20. Yes, the interval is very long. For each individual store you need to test and analyze the results, there is no ready-made recipe here and it cannot be. Create a captivating title for the product, add its photo and link to the order page. If there is a lot of space or there is an urgent need - include in the text of the letter a description of the product, price and size of the discount. Good mailing Marketing Marketing Announcements This group of letters includes promotions of promotions, discounts, sales, contests and offline events, as well as reminders about their timing. Do not skimp on the design of these letters, as well as the entire mailing in general. Their basis is informative and enticing banner. But do not forget about its text accompaniment - enticing name of the action, its clear and unambiguous description, explicit call and noticeable button of the target action. Useful content An unequivocal and disliked by stores type of letters for distribution. High-quality newsletter - a rarity for online stores. And in vain. She and only she will attract new subscribers and will educate an army of loyal customers who not only buy, but also defend your reputation in the network. What to write about. Yes about anything. Horoscopes, advice on the selection of goods, videos, interactive games, instructions for use. If absolutely no ideas, take any book of your industry and publish its individual chapters or tips from it. Still not inspired? Here is a collection of examples of email newsletters for various industries. Useful email newsletters Ideas for useful email content by industry. Furniture. Care for different types of surfaces; selections of interesting shelves, tables; compatibility of different styles and colors; selection of furniture made of plastic, rattan for a cafe, cottage, picnic. Goods for needlework. Workshops, calculation of material consumption, workplace organization, ideas for inspiration. Sports nutrition and equipment. Comparison of products, videos with exercises, recommendations on the selection of food, the destruction of myths, a review of thematic events, reports, interviews with famous athletes. Books. Demonstration fragments, interviews with writers, thematic collections of books, industry news, interesting illustrations, stories of writing well-known books. Clothing. Tips on style, color combinations in clothes, articles on the properties and care of different types of fabrics, an overview of high fashion collections, trends for the next season, interviews with designers and stylists. Electronics and gadgets. Overview of new products on the market, instructions for use, a story about non-standard features. Design and layout of letters for distribution Create a separate corporate style template for each type of letter. This will help to stand out from hundreds of other mailings, will facilitate the preparation of new newsletters and just look beautiful. Template structure The structure of the letter template for sending includes: Preheader (gray line above the banner or header) Letter cap Main part of the Basement Premier containing a brief announcement of the letter, request to addin the address book, a button to open a letter in the browser or other technical information. This part of the page takes up minimal space and does not distract attention from other elements. It is customary to place information about the sender in the header: name and logo of the store, slogan, contact information, social buttons. networks, a link to the key pages of the site. It may be brighter than the preheader design, but should not over-draw attention from the main part of the letter. Write the pattern of the main part individually for each type of letter. To facilitate corporate identification, use a single design style for advertising and informational letters - separator lines, bullets, quotes and tie-ins, icons. Feel free to send a unsubscribe button, service information to the basement of the letter. In this part of the letter, the contact information and the navigation panel are sometimes additionally duplicated. The structure of the letter for mailing. Designing the template The process of developing a template for mailing includes several steps: 1. Development of a prototype A prototype is a schematic representation of the location of all the elements of a letter. You can draw it by hand or in any graphic editor. You will not need any special skills for this. The prototype of the future letter is actually a technical task for the designer. Template design In addition to the prototype, as a source for the designer, make a written description of the problem for the designer. Write in the smallest detail exactly what you want to see. This will save from a string of iterations during the reconciliation. After the final revisions and approvals, the process passes into the hands of another specialist - layout designer. Layout template The designer sends you a letter layout as a graphic file. So he then falls into the hands of the coder with the text of the mailing. As a result of this process, you will receive a full letter, ready to be sent. Mailing Aliexpress The letter should be displayed correctly in all browsers, mail clients and on all types of devices. The layout of letters for distribution is different from the layout of ordinary web pages, so it is better to attract a person specializing in e-mail layout to accomplish the task. Layout of letters for email-mailing by separate blocks can be a universal solution, so that you can change the template according to a specific task as needed. If you have bought a ready-made template for work, you just need to copy the necessary text, images, and customize it. services for conducting email newsletters; The selection of email services for review was made according to the following criteria: Availability of free hosting; Possibility of personalizing the mail; Presence of base segmentation functions; Possibility of creating automatic Klyuh series of letters and scheduling mailing lists. Ability to view statistics and conduct A / V testing. All of the above criteria correspond to five services for mailings: Unisender, Mailchimp, Sendsay, Mailerlite and Sendpulse.UniSenderUniSender. The declared deliverability of letters is 99%. Bitrix, Tilde and other popular CMS, CRM and services. Wide personalization of mailing. Low cost of email mailing. Possibility of analyzing the effectiveness of mailing and integration with Yandex.Metrica and Google. Analytics. Ability to automate and set up event mailing Disadvantages: sometimes even service letters are lost (the account password on the service came an hour after registration). General impression: If you subscribe to the newsletter or register on Citrus, Insales, Privatbank, New Mail or RIA Novosti, then saw how Unisender works through the eyes of an ordinary client. The service is easy to understand, intuitively manage mailings. Free tariff is quite enough to start the first mailing, if you still have few subscribers. MailchimpMailchimp Declared deliverability of letters - 96-99%. Pros: Ability to customize the sending of letters based on time zones. More than 100 templates for letters. Possibility of multiple testing. Multi-account - the ability to work with multiple accounts in one account. Automatic distribution of new posts from RSS Disadvantages: not Russified, more expensive than Unisender. General impressions: Mailchimp clients - WordPress, Facebook, Tweet p. It is used and loved by customers of any scale, the service is convenient and reliable. The free version is quite enough for a small regional store mailing. SendsaySendsay Declared letter deliverability - 99%. Advantages: Integration with almost all CMS, CRM. Convenient segmentation tools. There are mobile applications for managing mailings. Possibility of collecting statistics on a single letter, subscriber, temporary interval by a large number of parameters. The ability to set up targeted mailing, work with forgotten baskets and automatically generate RSS feeds. Disadvantages: not displayed list of subscribers with a large amount of base, the maximum amount of letters with an attachment5 MBO general impression: Main customers - online stores: Labyrinth, Twigi, podium-market and others. Particularly pleased with the possibility of personalized work with the owners of the left baskets.SendpulseSendpulseThe exact percentage of deliverability on the site is not specified. automatic publishing via RSS General impressions: Sendpulse Academy's splendid knowledge base. If by some parameters this service did not suit you for work, be sure to add the academy to your bookmarks. There is a lot of useful information in free access. Mailerlite Mailerlite The exact percentage of deliverability is not specified on the website. Advantages: Free tariff for databases up to 1000 subscribers, the number of letters is unlimited. Custom editor to choose from Built-in photo editor Convenient collection of statistics intuitive level. The analysis is based on our subjective opinion. There are other services for email mailings, which may be somewhat better or worse than those described. Analysis of email-mailing results An analysis of the effectiveness of mailing is necessary for each type of mailing and for individual letters. It is useless to compare the results with any average values ​​by industry. It is better to do this by comparing different indicators of the same type of letters among themselves. Analysis of the results of mailingWhen measuring It is important to correctly determine the period to be analyzed. If you collect statistics and analysis too soon or later, you can get distorted information. For mass mailing, it is effective to collect statistics 7 days after sending a letter; It is better to remove statistics of automatic mailings once a month. More frequent analysis is an overly laborious process. But if you are testing a separate letter, statistics are best analyzed more often; For internal notifications, analysis is most conveniently done once a month. Evaluation analysis rulesWhat we analyze Statistics for analysis can be taken from the service for distribution. For the calculation of some indicators of these data is not enough, so connect Google-Analytics or Yandex-Metrics. For mass distribution. The main indicators for analysis: the number of sent and delivered messages, openings, clicks. On the basis of these indicators, efficiency indicators will be calculated. Indicators: delivery ratio, discoveries, clicks. Delivery ratio is calculated as the ratio of delivered letters to the number of sent. A good percentage of delivery is 98-99%. The discovery rate is calculated as the ratio of open letters to delivered messages. To increase this indicator, experiment with the subject of the letter and the name of the sender. For mass mailing, the average opening level of this type will be normal. Critical values ​​that should alert - below 5-10%. The click-through rate is the ratio of the number of clicks on the links in the message to the total number of letters delivered. The average level is 2-4%, but it is better to focus on the average indicators for your store. Number of formal replies is the ratio of unsubscribing to delivered letters. Mailing statistics For automatic mailing Efficiency is measured for each type of email: welcome message, reminder of the bonus for subscription, requests review and others. It is necessary to analyze each of the letters separately. For reminders about the bonus for a subscription, it is worth calculating the efficiency with respect to the total number of sent letters to the number of orders using the bonus. For the welcome message, analyze the same indicators as for the mass mailing. Add to them the average time spent on the site after the transition and the percentage of failures (the number of users who closed the site immediately after the transition). For letters asking for feedback, the most important indicators are the number of messages delivered, the percentage of their discoveries, transitions and the number of feedback received. messages It is advisable to calculate indicators for delivery statistics, the number of open letters and target actions performed. For the analysis of this type, delivery statistics are particularly important, failures in the mailing list The most important indicator is the percentage of delivered messages (Delivery rate). If it is less than 90%, you can get into spam, and the mailing service blocks sending emails from your account. To avoid this, do not buy ready-made email lists for mailing, use only personally collected data. To increase the number of open emails (Open Rate), test the days and hours you send emails, change the sender's name and subject of the letter. If the analysis showed low clickability (Click Rate) in reportedAnd, work on submitting links - the location, color and size of the buttons, the call to action and the textual liner to it. Particular attention should be paid to the number of replies and sending messages to spam. These actions will be whatever ideal the mailing list is. The recipient may be annoyed, the information may lose relevance for him or simply accidentally click on the "Spam" button. But if the number of undesirable actions has dramatically increased, it makes sense to change something urgently and dramatically. This is a direct indicator which means that people are no longer interested in sending out emails to emails. Testing changes in the email newsletter A single letter for mass mailing costs an online store an average of 5,000 rubles. During the analysis, you noticed that the buttons in the reminder letter At the end of the discount period there was not a single click. You have two options for the development of events: order a new letter and hope that you are lucky this time, or try to make the old work. The costs for each of the options are different. For the first, this is 5 thousand rubles an unknown number of times and loss of profit from non-working options. For the second option, the forecast is more sunny - you can make minor edits yourself or ask the person who wrote a non-working letter to do so. We will not advise you how to get edits from the artist. We will tell you how to test their effectiveness with minimal losses. Testing mailings Preparing for testing To begin, check the operation of absolutely all buttons and links. This is not an obvious tip, but it works. It happens that email emails hide broken links or lose buttons. All is well? So, we go further. We compile a list of all the edits of interest. If the mailing has bad opening rates, we test it using the following parameters: day and time of sending, the sender's name, the subject of the letter. the form of a button, a call to action and textual liner to it, a decrease, an increase in the quantity of goods in a row, column, the whole letter. The same applies to all other indicators. Testing is carried out by changing one indicator after another or two or more parameters at once. Consecutive testing Let us return to the letter with a reminder that the deadline for granting discounts is over. To conduct parallel testing for it, we will create 5 new calls to action and change its location 3 times. In total, we will need to test 15 times. Considering that the discount period does not end every day, the study will simply spread over time, and it will not be possible to collect adequate results. Parallel testing In the postal services review, one of the selection criteria was the possibility of A / V testing. All because it is efficient and convenient. Again, the problem letter with the end of the action. You can simultaneously send at least all 5 options to a call to action, you will find out which option will give the best result, all other things being equal. Even all 15 can be run and track the effectiveness of each. Everything is limited only by the capabilities of your service and the number of subscribers in the database. Split testing Recommendations for working with parallel testing: create groups of subscribers randomly (some services will do it for you); the number of participants for each group is more than 250 people (the more, the more accurate the result, but more than 20,000 are also not worth it; check the options not on the entire base at once, optimally 10% (you want to get a greater response from the entire base). The advantages of split testing are obvious, but there is a drawback. For a large number of options you need a large base. Even for A / V testing, ideally, you need at least 5,000 subscribers. But in practice, many neglect this. Usually, A / V testing begins at a base size of 1000 people. Short parting words. Do not manipulate the reader's attention. Make interesting newsletters that you want to open, read, and then also send to friends. This should be your goal, not mythical percentages of efficiency from the Internet. You will be interesting and useful - customers will read, buy and recommend to friends.