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Cases and articles on email marketing and distribution on the Internet

What is email marketing

Email marketing is a complex activity aimed at establishing interaction with subscribers and customers through email and newsletter tools.
The purpose of such communication is to strengthen the loyalty of the audience (retention and return of customers). That is, it is necessary that people who find out something about you do not leave after a certain action, but remain close and support you. Would watch how you develop, what you offer, and so on.

What is email marketing and what is it for?

In fact, it is also a good advertising site on the Internet. After all, with the help of such a mailing you can get additional traffic to your resource. This is especially noticeable with a large base of active subscribers.

Why is this so important?

According to statistics, 98% of Internet users have email. 91% of them check it every day.

As you can see, email is one of the main sources of communication. This is the main reason why email marketing still works.

Many people still have their own misconceptions about email marketing. Basically, they are divided into two parts:

Many believe that this is trivial spam. But it is not so! This is communication with subscribers of their own database of email addresses with their prior consent.
Also, some people think that this is a banal email list. However, in fact, besides the usual actions, the communication strategy plays an important role. If you sent a person only one letter and did not send anything further, then this is not email marketing.
An example of email marketing and some misconceptions

I will give an example.

A person wants to buy a tablet, but does not know which one is better. As a result, he begins to look for information on the Internet. Through a search, he enters a website and sees that they are offering a free training course there.

User agrees!

In the subscription form, he enters his data and agrees to the conditions. Next, they send this course to the post office. He begins to study it.

Then after a while the second letter comes to the person. There is an introduction to the author of the course. A brief biography of a person and a story about working with tablets is given.

The subscriber learns a lot about the author and sees that he has already encountered a similar situation. In addition, the letter promised to solve the problem. The author also warns the subscriber that in the future he will send new lessons and additions to the course.

The subscriber becomes more loyal to the author and is looking forward to the next letters.

After a certain series of lessons the final letter is sent. They sum up various results and at the end there is an offer to buy goods. And not just to buy, but to purchase with a good discount.

It also says that if a person places an order during the day, they will provide him with accessories for a tablet for free.

As a result, the subscriber agrees to purchase!

Some will think, why bother so! After all, the same advantageous offer immediately provide online shopping.

But the fact is that at the beginning a person does not have confidence in the company. Therefore, here in the example the author has more chances to sell something. After all, the author himself became a good friend for the subscriber and helped him solve the problem. This is the essence of email marketing!
That is, do not use sales in the forehead. And first make friends with a man. Try to solve his problem. Show your expertise and give case studies.

But the most important thing is that you work for a long-term relationship. This is not just a site where the user went, looked, left and forgot.

Not! With the help of a series of lessons you are constantly in contact with the subscriber, thereby recalling yourself and strengthening your brand.

Advantages and disadvantages of email marketing
Below I want to list the important advantages of email marketing:

This is an additional source of traffic to the site.
Low cost channel support. You can completely free to collect information about your subscribers and email.
The ability to collect the current subscription database of its audience. That is, those people who are directly in contact with you at the moment.
Creating communication (regular touch) between brand and consumer
Establishing strong customer relationships
Effective involvement in the implementation of necessary actions. For example, sharing information, viewing recommendations, buying and so on
Increase efficiency through personalization based on customer information (who is where, where he lives, what is interested, and so on)
You can quickly replenish the database of email addresses
Increases the average check - you can use the pre-sale
Advantages and disadvantages of email marketing on the Internet

Disadvantages of email-marketinga: Spam filters are constantly being improved - mailing is not as easy as it used to be. There is a need for a clear strategy and segmentation of the target audience - if you send uninteresting information, then people will unsubscribe or send to spam. Not suitable for everyone - for example, such funeral marketing will not work (no one wants to be reminded to buy a coffin or a wreath) Setting up your service for mass mailings will seem very difficult for many. Mailing service tariffs for dense work with large databases are not cheap Constantly you need to check and clean the database of inactive subscribers. Regularity is needed - otherwise the subscriber will forget about you and simply sign up for the first uninteresting letter. Effective marketing email indicators There are certain indicators that help measure the effectiveness of email marketing: The number of subscriptions is the volume of the subscriber base. an indicator is considered 50 - 60%) Click Rate - how many recipients who opened the letter, performed the target actionNumber of repliesMessages Marked as spamConversion recipients - the rate of donations or purchases made after clicking on the link in the letter. Usually all this data is available through the email service that you use. It should be noted that for each service, the accuracy of determining such indicators can vary greatly. Some give better statistics, others get worse. Email marketing - case studies and tips Email marketing with detailed case studies and training lessons Below I want to give you some useful tips and case studies on email marketing. To begin with, personalize, but do not use automatically inserted fields like "Dear [insert name]". Just registering the name may not coincide with real data. People also often fear that this is phishing or spam. After all, most of these letters are usually fake. Therefore, create personalization more naturally. It is well done through the segmentation of the subscription base by gender, age, social and other grounds. The more clearly you segment your base, the better will be the discovery of letters. Indeed, in this case, you will offer your subscribers only what they are interested in. Even in letters you need to pay for the length of the header. There is no concrete answer that works better. Long headers or short. But there is a length of the header, which is called the "Dead zone" (from 60 to 70 characters). She should try to avoid. That is, to do either less than 60 or more than 70 characters. Also try to choose the best time for email distribution. There is also no clear answer. For each target audience it will be different. Therefore, you need to conduct A / B testing and look at what time openability goes best. How a free gift works in email marketing. The next tip is a free gift. Give something to your subscribers so they are grateful to you. This could be some kind of e-book, webinar entry, templates, and so on. A responsive letter design must also be present. Then the messages will look good on different devices. Another good idea to send letters on weekends. On such days, people are less loaded. Therefore, they have more time to check email. But again, there is no definite answer. Therefore, this moment also needs to be tested. Sometimes remind about yourself. That is, there should not be too big pauses in the mailing list. You can also use subscriber segmentation for opening letters. Those who open letters often can interact with those more often. Well, be sure to keep track of statistics. She makes it clear how productive your actions were. Types of letters in the newsletter In the e-mail list they use different types of letters: Information - these are different stories, useful tips, cases or lessons Active - we offer to take a survey or we invite you to take some kind of activities -Or product or order the service Transactional - a letter that is automatically sent after the target action on the site (confirmation of subscription, reminder of the goods in the basket, and so on) Autoresponders (tr igger letters) - configured for specific user actions (for example, an automatic series of letters for the course) It is worth noting that there should be at least twice as many information letters. After all, if you often ask people for some help, there will be a high probability of unsubscribing. Therefore, give people more information. For example, news, some stories, useful cases, articles, and so on. How to improve the discovery of letters Many people have a problem in how you can increase the discoverability of letters. To begin with, we can distinguish two important indicators. This is the From Name (from whom the letter came) and the subject of the message itself. How to improve the discoverability of letters in the email list If you send letters as an organization, you can make two options. You can call the From Name on behalf of the organization or simply write the name of the company.Udnika. But there is no concrete answer! Therefore, all you need to test and see how it will be better in your case. Much depends on how well your audience knows you. Of course, it is much more pleasant to receive a letter from a specific person whom you already know. Well, we don’t forget about the subject of the letter either! The shortest and most understandable headers work better on many topics. Even the opening time is greatly influenced by the time of sending. The greatest number of letters open during the lunch break and in the evening. In the morning, the discovery is worse. People at the beginning of the day work oriented. Therefore, some of the letters will be ignored or removed altogether. And another tip is the segmentation of the subscriber base. You need to know your subscribers and what will be interesting for them. The best day for opening letters is Industry Day Hotels Monday Accountancy Monday Veterinary services, animal care Saturday Art, culture, entertainment, museums, music, cinema, theaters MondayEducation MondayFinance FridayFitness centers, yoga studios, bowling clubs, gyms MondayGovernment organizations MondayHeldiochra nedvizhimosti when email rass lkeOchen important when sending email does not get into the spam. For starters, avoid stop words. The easiest way is to use the Glavred service ( He immediately highlights such words in the text. For example, buy, sell, advertisements, and so on. How not to get into spam when sending emails Also avoid capital letters in words (except the beginning of sentences). Spam filters react very hard to this. You still do not need to use very bright fonts and colors. I recommend using simple letter templates. Also, do not embed large images (both in size and weight). This is very bad for downloading information. Especially for mobile devices. The letter field must contain at least 200 text and numeric characters. Avoid a large number of exclamation marks. Use the confirmation subscription. This is when, after filling out the form, a confirmation email is sent to the mail. To finally subscribe, the user must follow the link in the letter. Be sure to use such a double confirmation! First, it helps to get rid of inactive mailboxes. After all, sometimes in the form of people can accidentally enter the wrong email address. Secondly, a person so simply does not sign up without his final consent. That is, you need an iron confirmation of the owner of the box. Also, a person should be able to easily unsubscribe from the mailing list. If this is not the case, he will simply send the letter to the spam folder. Robots will take this into account, and of course, worsen the deliverability of letters to other recipients. Ability to use a reply from the email list DMARK records Check email and the name of the sender If you link to bad and suspicious sites, your email will be filtered. Hiding links through java scripts improves the deliverability of letters. Also, I recommend doing all links through a redirect from the sender's domain. Tracking the number of messages and the speed of sending them - for large values ​​include blocking most of the addresses were active. That is, that users came into the box and checked it. But if there are a lot of inactive and deleted mailboxes, it is possible to block the sending of letters. You also need to avoid email traps. These are boxes that were not originally subscribed to any newsletter. If there are such systems, they will track you and then block you. Therefore, in any case, do not use third-party databases. Look at information about the company, and so on. How to increase the email database. I really want to give you advice on how to increase the email base of subscribers. To begin with, think up a good reason to subscribe. How to increase the email database. For this, people need to give some bonuses for a subscription. These are usually free books, webinar entries, checklists, and so on. When people unsubscribe, you can also give them some additional bonuses. Even when unsubscribing, do a survey - why the person decided to unsubscribe. To do this, you can insert the skyA large questionnaire with answers. Or, after a slip of the pen, send a person to a page with a survey. I also recommend offering educational content. Through an automatic series of letters, you can offer subscribers to take a course. That is, after a subscription, you automatically send letters with lessons at a specified time. This gives additional user involvement. The subscription form plays a very important role in collecting the subscription base. She must be attractive. If you offer some kind of book or course, then in the form you must place a beautiful cover of the product. It is worth considering the number of fields in the form. The more of them, the less likely that a person will subscribe. Pop-up form pop up to increase the collection of subscribers' email-base. Pop-up window with form Use attention-grabbing tools. Pop-up windows work very well in this regard. Also use beautiful buttons and calls to action. Additionally, you can connect and animation. How does email distribution work? How does regular email distribution work between two users? Suppose you decide to send a message to your friend via mail service To do this, go to your mailbox, create a letter and send it to the recipient. What is email sending and what types it is It is necessary to understand that any email sending service consists of three elements: SMTP server - is engaged in sending email messages. POP server - accepts incoming mail. Spam filter - controls SMTP and POP server. He tracks the letters and evaluates them for spam on a number of criteria. A message is blocked if it meets at least several such criteria. Your letter first goes to the server. That is, first goes to SMTP and then checked with a filter from If when sending the spam filter approved the letter, then it is sent further to another mail service. For example, on does regular email newsletter work on the Internet? How does email mail work? Your message first goes away with the spam filter and gets into the spam filter Yandex will already have its own criteria for selecting a letter. That is, different systems have one such filter. However, for each of them, it works according to its specific algorithms. So, the Yandex spam filter checks your email. If it is approved, then the message goes to the POP server of the same Yandex and then goes directly to the recipient. If your letter meets at least several criteria that violate the spam filter, then they either go to the spam folder or simply do not go Inbox. If the recipient decided to send you a reply message, the principle of sending is exactly the same. First, the message goes to the SMTP server and is checked by the spam filter of the outgoing mail service (for example, Yandex). Then it goes to the spam filter of the receiving mail service (for example, and via the POP server is sent to you by email. This is how the regular email dispatch between two users who use regular services works. service (for example, between mail), then it just goes through the SMTP server. And then, passing through the spam filter, it returns via the POP server and is sent to another user. How does a regular email send within one email service? Email send within one email service? In any case, even if the message exchange goes through one email service, all the same Emails are checked for spam. Email mailing on a database Mass email mailing on a database is different in that the message is automatically sent to several recipients at once. That is, there is a mass. To organize it, we need programs to automate the above process. Mass email distribution on the subscriber base This software is installed on the computer. Later in this program, you can create message texts, place images and various files. But the main thing is that you can upload a list of email subscribers to the software for which the distribution will work. You can send the message through such software in several ways: free and paid SMTP server, as well as our own and third-party services. Sending email through a free SMTP server Let's consider how email is sent through a free SMTP server. Typically, this SMTP is taken from third-party mail services such as Google, Yandex, and so on. This is a simple protocol for sending email. You can connect it to your program and then send messages. But there are some limitations. Service SMTP-server Sending 500 letters per day 200 letters per day 100 letters per hour smtp 200 letters per 60 letters per 150 letters per 500 letters per 250 letters per day 200 letters per day 250 letters per day I will note that with very fast sending letters throughWith such free SMTP, your mailing list can be blocked at any time. That is, the email you used as the SMTP server will be blocked. Therefore, this method of mailing is suitable only for a small subscriber database. If you have a large base, then this method can also be used. However, in this case, you need to connect a proxy server. They allow you to hide the ip-address of the computer and make the impression that the sending goes from different devices. As the bulk email passes through the free SMTP server, the email is sent through the free SMTP. passes a spam filter and with the indication of your ip-address of the computer is sent to the SMTP-server of other services to which you are doing the mailing. Sending emails via your SMTP serverSending emails by e-mail can go off and in a different way. For example, sending messages using your SMTP servers. On hosting you need to buy a VDS or VPS server. Next on it you create your SMTP and POP server. Then you set everything up and send the mailing list. Advantages of your SMTP servers in the Internet mailing What are the advantages of your SMTP servers for Internet mailing? To begin with, there are no restrictions on the number of sent letters. It all depends on the power of the VDS or VPS. You can also customize your records: DKIM - electronic domain signature SPF - domain permission to send emails using your mailbox DEMM - DKIM identification and SPF that there is no spam filter here. That is, with outgoing mail your letter will not be checked for spam. After all, this is your SMTP. Another advantage is the ability to block the sender's IP address when using multiple SMTPs. How emails are sent through their SMTP serverSending emails through their SMTPIn the case of sending a message, the ip address your computer is blocked. Therefore, other spam filters of mail systems create the feeling that you are sending from several smtp servers. If you send from one smtp server, then the filters will see that you are sending from one ip-address. Then, as the letter went through spam filters, it already reaches the end user. Third-party email services There are many third-party email-services. Services they have on their domain. Here, too, there are the same functions as in the previous dispatch options. However, these services will be much better in terms of functionality. For example, they have a very convenient web analytics. This allows you to conduct a normal analysis of your email list. Some other services may offer a set of beautiful subscription forms and letter templates. What does the statistics of a third-party email service look like? Email service statistics statisticsAlso you will be provided with active technical support. For many newbies this will be a big plus. Good services: SendPulse - there is a free tariff (up to 2500 subscribers and 16,000 letters) for beginners with good support and useful features. There are many options for mailings. And the presence of artificial intelligence will help you to easily increase the effectiveness of email marketing. The system itself will compile a suitable letter for you and select the necessary elements. Tariffs are cheap here. There are a number of free bonuses and big discounts. Provide cool designers of subscription forms, templates and many other interesting features. MailerLite is focused only on beginners and small business. Tariffs are acceptable here. In terms of functionality and prices, it is inferior to the previous service. However, the basic tools here is enough for a small business. There is also a free tariff of up to 1000 subscribers. GetResponse - there are all the necessary marketing functions. Therefore, even suitable for large players! Powerful Landing Designer, flexible system for automating processes and more than 500 letter templates. You can make stylish subscriptions and surveys, warm people up with the help of webinars, and so on. Tariff prices are not high here. The only thing - there is no free option. However, for testing, they give 1 trial month with all the functionality for free. The disadvantages of third-party services such services have their drawbacks! For example, some companies impose strict rules for downloading their subscription base. There are also strict restrictions on mailing. For some topics, it can generally not skip and just block. Yet they definitely check the validity of the subscription base. That is, they are looking for inactive email addresses and mailbox-traps. Depending on the tariff plan, services may limit the number of subscribers and sent letters. Well, you should not forget that you have to pay for everything! Fortunately, many companies offer us initial free tariffs. But as a rule, the functionality there is greatly reduced. That is, to engage in full-fledged email marketing here will not getsya.A if you go to the paid options, then good companies usually put up considerable prices. Therefore, the high cost is another disadvantage of such services! Email sending through third-party services Email sending through third-party services follows the following scheme. Sending messages goes through the SMTP of the service itself. How does an email list go through third-party services? Email is sent through third-party servicesAlso, the service itself initially checks your subscription base and letters that you send. If there is, for example, a lot of spam words, then sending to the email database will be blocked. However, before this, you will be notified that there are violations and you need to review the design of the letter. If everything is fine, then sending a message starts from the SMTP server. At the same time, the service will keep statistics on the opening of letters and link navigation. If the letters start getting into spam or there is a big wave of complaints from recipients, then the spam filters inform the technical support service of the suspicious mass email mailing.Further support or block your account. , or makes a warning. Of course, in case of severe violations, your account can be immediately blocked. But if you send out on a small subscription base, then your emails are more likely to get into the inbox, as these SMTP are in the white list of spam filters. Your email distribution serviceYou can also create your email service Spreads continue to work with him. The functionality is the same as in the previous version. Interface of your email service on the Internet. Your email service. A distinctive feature is that this service is installed and installed on your SMTP server to which your domain is attached. Here are the main advantages of email scripts: Everything is on its own server. A convenient web interface is available. There are no restrictions on the electronic distribution. Very convenient statistics. You can hide the ip-server on which the SMT server script is installed without restrictions - if kai-part falls into the black list, they can be replaced novymiHoroshie tools for texts and the randomization soobscheniyMassovaya sending email through your servisTeper let's see how the mass mailing of email through your service. You use it through your web interface. It is located on your domain. How does a mass mailing of email pass through its service on the Internet? Mass mailing of email through its service? You start the address mailing. If the setting is correct, then the ip-address of the server will be blocked. Only ip SMTP will be visible. It is sent as if from each separate server with a separate ip and maximum randomization. As a result, spam filters of mail services see that the mailing comes from different people. This advantage makes it possible to effectively create large mass emails and not get into spam. That is, despite the criteria for spam filters to limit the sending of emails, you can increase the number of subscribers at times, send letters and not get spammed. So that if you have a very large base and you are closely involved in this area, then this option will suit you perfectly! There are no restrictions here. It all depends on the server’s power. In general, now you know what email marketing is, what it is for and how it works. Below are free cases and articles with tutorials on this topic. They will help you improve the effectiveness of your newsletters. Say thank you for the buttons below: black arrows Email marketing strategy January 18, 2017 Developing an email marketing strategy When creating newsletters, email marketing strategy is very important. However, to create it, you need to carefully try. Therefore, to make your life easier, especially for you, I prepared step-by-step instructions for developing such a strategy. There will be interesting examples and useful cases.