The owners of online stores fall asleep and wake up with thoughts about traffic, conversion rate, cost per click, product mix and damn competitors who have relied on dumping. Unfortunately, they often underestimate the tool that allows you to quickly improve almost all showed the work of a virtual outlet. We are talking about email marketing, which not only increases traffic, increases conversion rate and stimulates sales, but also allows owners of online stores to sleep soundly and not think about competitors.

This article will tell you about ways to increase the effectiveness of e-commerce via e-mail.

Email is a simple and effective e-commerce tool.
Email is a simple and effective e-commerce tool.
Despite the growing popularity and availability of social networks and instant messengers, e-mail remains one of the most demanded by users of communication tools. This is confirmed by the facts established by the research companies ExactTarget and MarketingShepra:

Four fifths of Internet users check emails more than six times a day.
Two thirds of users bought goods by receiving a letter from the online store.
Three quarters of potential buyers prefer to receive marketing messages to their email inbox.
The following recommendations will help you take advantage of email marketing and increase the efficiency of your online store.

1. Stimulate sales with personalized newsletters.
When ordering, online stores usually get important information about consumers that can be used for business. No, no, don't even think about credit card numbers and CVV2. You need the names of customers, their dates of birth, order history and other information that allows you to create a marketing portrait.

Use the collected data to organize personalized event distribution. Here are some examples of customer events and behavioral patterns to which a marketing message can be tied:

The birthday of a client is an excellent reason to remind oneself and to offer the buyer discounts on his favorite products.
Customer’s refusal to subscribe should not upset the owner of an online store. But the client himself must literally cry and quickly sign again, having received the so-called retention letter. It can list the benefits that the user loses by unsubscribing from the mailing list. Do not forget to include in the letter the option "Sign again."
Customer retention is an important task for which a business must be ready for much. For example, AppSumo uses emotions to hold subscribers when the remaining arguments do not work. The unsubscribed client receives a message with a photo of a crying company manager, looking at whose face there is a desire to subscribe to the newsletter again (see illustration).

Sense of humor helps to keep customers
Sense of humor helps to keep customers
Send letters to customers after a certain time after purchase. After sales support increases loyalty and stimulates new deals.
Encourage regular customers by sending them emails with great deals.
To personalize a typical letter, it is usually sufficient to add the client’s name and some personal information to it.

2. Improve the quality of information using customer feedback
Use e-newsletter to encourage customers to write reviews and reviews of purchased goods. Reward customers for detailed quality descriptions with discount coupons, gifts, lottery participation, etc.

Product information, written by a real buyer, is worth ten rewritten product cards. User reviews and reviews familiarize potential customers with the opinion of the audience and increase the attractiveness of products. In addition, custom content increases the natural search traffic to your site.

An example of a letter that allows you to get feedback and stimulates the creation of custom content
An example of a letter that allows you to get feedback and stimulates the creation of custom content
3. Use email to manage orders.
Every online store owner knows that quality of service is one of the key success factors. Order management is among the main factors shaping the customer's impression of cooperation with the online seller and an assessment of the quality of his work.

Online shoppers always want to receive their order as quickly as possible. Often they call store managers asking them to clarify the status of the order and confirm the delivery time. Far-sighted businessmen use email-newsletter to reduce customer anxiety and save time and nerves of their employees.

Send the customer an email notifying you of the change in the status of the order, the location of the purchase and the estimated delivery time. In the illustration you can seeThere is an example of such a letter: Such letters save time and nerves Similar letters save time and nerves Use order status notifications to remind the user about discounts and promotions, report new products or suggest subscribing to the store page in one of the social networks.4. Use letters to make passive buyers act. In the database of each online store there are customers who do not make purchases for a long time. By not working with such clients, you are missing out on potential deals. Reactivate passive customers with a special letter. Reactivation letters may contain lucrative offers, initiate a dialogue with a passive customer, inform the customer about new conditions of service. For example, directly ask the client if he wants to receive the newsletter in the future and in which proposals he is interested. Please note that the reactivation letter must be personalized. If the client does not respond to the reactivation letter within a certain period, enter his contacts into the passive buyers database. You can periodically send reminder letters to such consumers, but their efficiency approaches zero.5. Reward loyal customers According to Pareto law, 20% of the most active customers in your store generate 80% of revenue. Reward them for it. To do this, develop a loyalty program for selected customers and inform them via email about the opportunity to buy on exclusive conditions. Do not limit yourself exclusively to cash discounts and bonuses. Offer customers gifts and souvenirs, participation in quizzes and special terms of service. Share with customers useful information. Send users newsletters about the features of purchased products, ways to save money, or about new services available to customers. Also buyers will be interested in reviews of new products, information on market conditions and current trends. For example, owners of readers of a well-known company receive a letter with an overview of the main features of the gadget and useful links after registering it on the manufacturer's website: The manufacturer talks about the capabilities of the gadget in a special letter. The manufacturer talks about the capabilities of the gadget in a special letter. advertising, dumping or chasing the expansion of the range. Often, you can stimulate sales with the help of a personalized newsletter. Send event letters to buyers, try to get feedback, manage orders using email. Use email to reactivate passive customers, reward loyal users and share useful information with your audience. How do you respond to emails from online stores?