Email Address Extractor is a program that “retrieves” email addresses from various types of media — such as CDs, DVDs, the Internet, files on your computer, and so on. So the first question you have to ask yourself when choosing an extractor is which media you will use to “collect email addresses”. All examples given here are real software products, typical of their classes and highly valued in the market. You can download demo versions of each of these programs and see how they work.

All extractors can be divided into three groups:

CD and DVD Extractors
Internet Email Address Extractors
Extractors that extract e-mail addresses from files
The first group includes the ePochta CD Extractor program. Often, trade directories, industry databases, yellow pages, and other similar types of directories can be found on CD / DVD. You can extract the necessary e-mail addresses quickly and painlessly if you use Atomic CD Extractor or similar software. The program automatically determines how many disks are installed in your computer and you can either start reading all, or only those that you define. You can stop the process at any time. The application automatically skips graphics and music files, as well as some other file types. This greatly speeds up the process of unpacking email addresses. The program saves all the email addresses found in the file you specify; You can also save all extracted addresses to the clipboard, or Microsoft Word and Excel. Atomic CD Extractor is a good way to extract email addresses from your address book, which is often copied to a CD.

Internet email extractors are represented by ePochta Extractor and similar software. You give the program a URL, and it extracts email addresses from this page. Or you can specify a keyword or keywords, and the program will search for the most appropriate pages in order to extract email addresses from them. This is a very simple and effective method, you only need to enter a keyword or phrase related to your business, like “hotels”, “bicycle”, “Computer retailers”, “New York restaurants”, etc. You can set filters to limit the depth and search paths. The program supports multi-page loading and can run in the background. All you have to do is run the program on a computer with Windows installed and connected to the Internet.

The latter type of extractors are programs that extract email addresses from files on your computer. These files can be temporary Internet files, text files, and even executable files. An example of such programs is ePochta Harvester. Your hard drive can contain hundreds, even thousands of email addresses. This program is also easy to use as the previous two. You only define files, folders or drives, and the program retrieves email addresses for you.

A full list of our extractors can be found here.