But about what should be done when a person has already subscribed to your newsletter, the authors for some reason usually keep silent. But the moment when a person subscribes to your newsletter is very important. This is in some sense an intimate, romantic moment. Think for yourself: the person found your blog, he liked your content, and now he is ready to take the relationship to a new level, leaving you with your email address. Do not ignore it - show the reciprocal interest in signing.

Here are some tips to help you:

Start by automating feedback
All you need to do is use one of the specialized message delivery services, there are quite a lot of them: Smartresponder, Unisender (Russian-speaking), MailChimp or Aweber (English-speaking). They will allow you to set up automatic sending of a welcome letter immediately after a site visitor subscribes to your blog updates, which will contain, for example, such words: “We are glad that you subscribed to our newsletter. We hope you will be interested! ”. By automating this process, you can forget about it - the letters will be sent without any action on your part.

Automatic sending of a welcome letter is a necessary step. In addition to greeting directly, the letter should contain information about what content your new subscriber will receive and how often. It is necessary that the subscriber remembers why he subscribed to your newsletter. Otherwise, he may simply forget that he left you his e-mail and did not understand why he received a letter from you, and then immediately unsubscribe.

A welcome letter is an important part of effective email distribution.
A welcome letter is an important part of effective email distribution.
7 components of an effective welcome letter
So, what should a welcome letter include to be as efficient as possible?

Personal appeal
Make the letter as personal as appropriate. Show that you want to communicate, and not just follow the formality. Remember that a person who has just subscribed to your newsletter may have read just one of your articles and does not know anything about you and your brand. Having put a little feeling in the letter, you will be able to endear a person to yourself and make him more loyal. But do not overdo it, familiarity and feigned emotions are likely to cause a backlash.

Do not forget to thank the person for the subscription. Those who have subscribed to your newsletter play a significant role both in the development of your blog and in the development of your business as a whole. Show that they are not indifferent to you. You can make a small gift to the subscriber: if, for example, you are the author of a business book, send him its electronic version. By the way, it is better to put the book on your site and give a link in the letter than to attach the book to the letter as an attachment - so you will be sure that the subscriber will visit your site again.

Old but interesting content
We have already mentioned that a person could subscribe to your newsletter after reading a single post, so the next step is to familiarize the subscriber with your content, which he may not have seen. It doesn't matter if this is old content or new - the main thing is that it is interesting. Remember that visitors come to your blog not only from the main page of your site, they can come from anywhere. Include in the text of the letter a few links to your favorite posts, this can begin a careful study of your blog.

Offer to share your thoughts with you.
Subscribers are a great source of new ideas to help you make a better blog. Ask the subscriber what he liked and what didn't. If he asks you a question, answer. If he writes about the problems that have arisen, solve them and inform him about it. If you wish, you can give a link to your personal account on the social network so that the subscriber knows that he can contact you at any time.

Information about the presence of your brand online
Tell the subscriber in which social media he can find the pages of your company. This will help you engage the subscriber in even closer interaction with your brand. You can share links to pages on VK, Facebook, Twitter and / or Instagram - the choice of sites depends on the task that you set for yourself. Link to active pages only. And another thing: remember that social media content should not completely duplicate the content of your site.

Information about the frequency of mailing
This is really important. People do not like surprises, so they should know what to expect from you. Tell us how often you are going to send them letters, and on what day the next newsletter will be. Otherwise, if a person has signed shortly before her, he may consider that you will constantly be flooded with his letters, and this is unlikely to please him.After you have sent a welcome letter to the subscriber, leave it alone. You should not send letters once a day if the person has subscribed to the newsletter, which is carried out once every two weeks. Let these two weeks pass. In conclusion, I would like to note that the welcome letter should be made short, informative and memorable. No need to paint everything in detail, no one will read a letter containing 2000 words. Perhaps the best option is to refer in a letter to a specially created page of the site, where more detailed information will be presented. Wait ... Don't you think that we have lost sight of something? Probably, you have already noticed that one puzzle piece is missing: and what if the person does not open the welcome letter? Look at this problem from a different angle. When attracting subscribers, it is important to be sure that they understand why they subscribe to your newsletter. You do not need subscribers for extras, your task is to achieve certain goals and get the desired results. If a person has subscribed to your newsletter, but does not read the letters that you send him, he can hardly be of any value to you.