An autoresponder is an email message that is automatically sent to the user after he or she has performed an action. The simplest example of an autoresponder is a welcome letter that is sent to a person after he has subscribed to a newsletter, or a letter in which you are asked to confirm the information entered during registration.

Why are autoresponders needed?

Save time. Letters are sent automatically, you do not need to follow this and make any effort. All that is required of you is to compose the content of the letter once, send it to the mailing service and choose the action after which it will be sent to the subscriber.
Have a large percentage of discoveries. Automatic email messages open 2 times more often than regular emails. And there are two reasons for this: 1) the autoresponder is sent immediately after the subscriber performs a certain action 2) its content is interesting and relevant to the user.
Improve interaction with the audience. The advantage described in the previous paragraph opens up great opportunities for deeper interaction with the audience. With the help of autoresponders, you can convey to subscribers important from a marketing message point of view: a suggestion to go to your website, read a blog, join your groups on social networks.
Increase loyalty. Autoresponders are a great way to win the love and trust of your users. Rendering to your subscribers signs of attention and offering bonuses and gifts from time to time, you significantly increase your reputation.
The perfect solution for a small business. And also for everyone who has limited budget for email marketing and content creation.
The autoresponder function is present in almost all distribution services, however, despite its enormous advantages, most marketers either ignore it or use only a few percent.

Not so long ago, Internet marketing agency MarketingSherpa conducted a curious study, during which she tried to find out for what purposes the online business uses automatic messaging. The results of this study (see the picture below) showed that most Internet entrepreneurs send only 3 types of autographs:

welcome letter
thank you letter
transaction letter (order confirmation, invoice, registration, etc.)
The study showed that Internet marketers do not use all the capabilities of autoresponders
The study showed that Internet marketers do not use all the capabilities of autoresponders
If you treat these people or even hear about the existence of such a tool for the first time, you are missing great opportunities. Next, we will look at the purposes for which autoresponders can and should be used, as well as analyze some worthy examples from practice.

Welcome letter
We have already touched on this type of letters at the beginning of the article, and now let me dive in. A welcome letter is not a formality (as many believe) and not a banal gesture of politeness. This is an important step towards getting closer to a new subscriber. Imagine yourself in its place: you liked the content of a site and now you want to transfer your relationship to a completely different, more intimate level - subscribe to the newsletter or register. What would you like to receive in this case: a letter with a good-natured greeting and a story about what awaits you in this newsletter, or a cold silence? Of course, the answer is obvious.

A good example of a welcome letter is email from the Lamoda online store. Stylish design, a large amount of necessary and useful information and, most importantly, a gift! Many would have to learn the quickness from the email-marketers of this resource.

Welcome email from Lamoda online store
Welcome email from Lamoda online store
Advantages of this letter:

The main advantage at the beginning of the screen
Easy transition to the directory
Touching slogan
Instructions explaining how to use the promo code
Promotion Information
Offer to download an application for iPhone
Links to all popular social networks
Letter of thanks
A letter is sent with gratitude after the user has subscribed to the newsletter, left a review for the product, rated the application - in general, performed the action for which you can say "thank you". Such letters not only increase the loyalty of the user, but also allow you to unobtrusively convey to them additional and important information from the point of view of marketing. For example, share links to their groups on social networks or give a link to a new collection of goods.

The Red Hat Society online store simply says “thank you” to its subscribers.
The Red Hat Society online store simply says “thank you” to its subscribers.
Advantages of this letter:

Nice design
Happy Birthday
Not everyone loves April 1 and Valentine's Day, but almost everyone loves a birthday. Of course, who is unpleasantAbout getting everyone's attention and gifts! That is why email-marketers are simply obliged to include this type of autoresponder in their next campaign. Wish your subscribers something nice and present a small gift: a discount, free delivery, a souvenir, a free e-book, a webinar or any other virtual bun. Foreign language school Busuu offers birthday cards 7 days of free use of a premium account School of foreign languages ​​Busuu offers birthday cards 7 days of free use of premium-accountPlus of this letter: Generous giftNice; But even if you can not afford to give gifts to the right and left, do not worry. Sometimes it is enough to give a person positive emotions, as does the lottery supermarket "Stoloto". Their congratulatory email is so awesome that I just take off my hat. Well, who does not want to tame good luck after this?! Well, who does not want to tame good luck after this?! Advantages of this letter: A gift in the form of emotions, not material things. Nice design ActionLetter with a request to leave a reviewEven more one indisputable advantage of the autoresponder is that with the help of it you can collect feedback very painlessly Set up the autoresponder so that it comes in a few days after receiving the product, and ask your customers to express their opinion on its quality, speed of service, competence of employees, etc. You will see that many will do it with pleasure, and you will get something that is so difficult Knock out customers during verbal communication. Request feedback is not shameful Request feedback is not shamefulPlus of this letter: Direct link leading to the writing form of the responsePoolabilityLetter unsubscribingWhen the subscriber unsubscribes from the newsletter, he is sent etsya autoresponder in which he is asked to confirm your decision. This is useful for two reasons: 1) if the subscriber accidentally pressed the “Unsubscribe” button, he will not be excluded from the database until he himself confirms it 2) if the subscriber unsubscribes intentionally, you will have a chance to return it - in this case humor often helps. Below is the email of the American Groupon discount service and, to be honest, this is one of the funniest emails I've ever received after unsubscribing. By clicking on the blue button below, the subscriber can see how another employee of the company punishes Victor for sending a bad newsletter. He doesn’t like the letter, punish who writes it, doesn’t like the letter, punishes the person who writes it Email: HumorPismo VIP-VIPIn many businesses practiced VIP-system. When a buyer reaches a certain amount of the cost of all purchases (for example, 100 thousand rubles), he is assigned VIP status and offers additional privileges (discounts, bonuses, better service, etc.). To simplify and automate this process, you can - and even need to - use autoresponders. Letters to a newly-built VIP client from Zappos Letters to a newly-born VIP client from Zappos and readers are the most important link in your audience. These people devote their time and attention to you, and their purchases often make up a large part of your revenue. If you have such "followers", be sure to thank them. To do this, you can use the autoresponder - a year after the subscription or the first purchase, send them a letter with kind words and an offer of some kind of bonus. Believe me, this small gesture of attention will be very pleasant to them. A free cup of coffee is a cheap, but very pleasant gift A free cup of coffee is a cheap, but very pleasant gift Pros of this letter: Original idea Resuscitation letter These letters are needed to “revive” the interest of your subscribers and customers to your brand. If you see that a person has not visited your site for a long time or has not made any purchases (say, you set a threshold of 3 months), you can send him an autoresponder. Ask how things are going, why he doesn’t come in, or immediately offer him a bonus that he won’t be easy to refuse. The Interweave online store makes offers that are hard to refuse. The Interweave online store makes such offers that are hard to refuse. you own an online store, you probably know firsthand what abandoned baskets are and how much profit the business misses because people do not complete the order. So, in order to have fewer left baskets, you can use it - guess what? That's right, autoresponders. See how Svyaznoy does this, and if you are interested, I strongly advise you to read our article “Abandoned baskets: 7 elegant examples of“ returning ”emails.” Svyaznoy uses the autoresponder to remind users about forgotten products SvyaznoyUses the autoresponder to remind users about forgotten products. The benefits of this letter: “Continue to checkout” link. Detailed product description, with picture and price. Large “Go to cart” button. Social networking icons. Telephone for communication. Transaction letter. They are sent to customers after they have placed an order, registered on the site, paid the bill - in general, they have completed any action that needs to be confirmed. There are a lot of examples of such letters, but we will confine ourselves to only two - both are needed to confirm the registration. Here is the first: Everything is simple, no frills Everything is simple, no frills Pluses of this letter: That it just is. Its creators clearly did not botherAnd here is the second: The second version of the letterPlus of this letter: Bright nice design Thanksgiving registrant A good description of the advantage Now tell me which letter would you like to receive more? end after a certain period of time. For example, cosmetics, food, stationery, etc. With the help of such letters, you can hint to the user that it is time to replenish their stocks. Some buyers have very bad memory Some buyers have very bad memory The pros of this letter: Simple and intuitive content Big call-to-action button *** Above, we have dismantled 12 examples of what purposes You can use autoresponders, but in fact, there are many more. Autoresponders can be sent to those who opened the newsletter, those who clicked on a specific link, as well as those who viewed more than 5 similar pages on the site (for example, 5 models of a vacuum cleaner). With the help of autoresponders, you can easily increase the average customer’s check (offer additional goods) and increase interaction with the audience. This is a great internet marketer tool. What is really there? This is just a treasure! You just need to understand how they work, turn on the fantasy and experiment more. And the last. Probably, many have a question, how to set up an autoresponder? Let's touch this question a little bit. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the autoresponder function is in almost all distribution services. Personally, I recommend using foreign services, such as Mailchimp and Aweber. But this is a purely personal opinion, I do not impose it on anyone. Quite a few instructions on how to configure autoresponders can be found on YouTube. Here, for example, one of them: "Work with autoresponders in Mailchimp". So, in this article we will not dwell on this.