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Direct mail is the direct mailing of commercial or business sheets by sending a simple letter to the manager himself or to the competent specialists of a firm or enterprise. Direct mail is not sent just like that, according to the principle “in a white light, like a pretty penny”, which is typical for distributing leaflets in mailboxes. To do this, pre-collected criteria by which the mailing list. For example, industry, region and other selection criteria.

Direct mail Mailing is one of the most effective and low-cost direct marketing tools.

The advertising agency “TES” offers you a high-quality mailing list of direct mail according to a specially developed marketing program. Our specialists will help you to develop a special marketing plan for your company, with the help of which you will get into your own hands the optimally effective technology to conquer and hold the required market segments. At the same time, the cost of advertising campaign is minimal!

To achieve success, direct mail must be carried out:

At least 10 thousand letters to identify the target audience;

At least 2 thousand letters per week for the influx of customers;

At least one letter five times a year at 1 address to strengthen its position in a certain market segment;

Not less than 1500 in order to guarantee the return of the mailing list.

Statistics of such services as direct mail (direct mail), according to experts of the agency “TEC”, depending on the product or service, the number of responses can be from 2% to 30% after the first direct mail. In addition, with each re-mailing of letters, our employees increase this percentage, using a specially developed marketing strategy.

 Mailing (direct mail) in the hands of our specialists will be an effective technology for “image promotion” and the main marketing plans for the company.

Specialists of the advertising agency “TES” direct marketing in organizing direct mail guarantee:

Finding the target audience;

Attraction of attention in the shortest possible time;

A clear demonstration of profitable prospects for future cooperation;

Establish strong feedback;

Conduct a series of events to repeat the communication on the basis of the received feedback.

Of course, many who turned to our agency for organizing the mailing of letters are interested in why direct mail is more effective than mass mailing of e-mails via the Internet?

The advantages of address mailing (direct mail) are the following:

“Paper” letters do not annoy recipients. After all, they do not have to pay for traffic, and there is no likelihood of getting a virus on your computer.

The perception of an email is dozens of times worse and most users delete them without burdening themselves with reading.

According to statistics, an email rarely comes to the right person, even if the column is “Director” or “Specialist”.

Large companies often change their email addresses, due to overloading them with spam or for other reasons. But the postal location of the company is much more difficult to change, and it changes much less frequently.

Information from the Internet does not have much confidence.

Our agency provides postal services very high quality, as evidenced by the feedback from our customers.

 Mail services in the field of mass mailing of letters offered by our company are divided into the following stages:

Formation of customer base

You choose the industries that you are most interested in and the region that will be used for mailing.

Making investments

This stage includes the development of the layout and printing of promotional materials. The cost of mailing depends on the weight of the investment.

Envelope printing

The cost of printing envelopes depends on the size of the envelope, the size and color of the printed logo.

Envelope packaging

At this stage, they put advertising materials in envelopes, stick the envelope, put the recipient's address and paste the stamps.

The last step - Sending letters


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