E-mail sending

Name of service Cost
1.Full base of organizations and facilities with Yandex Maps (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan) More than 6 000 000 contacts6000 rosrb Click to download example
2. Full base of organizations and facilities with 2 GIS (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan) More than 3 500 000 contacts of Russia4000 rosrub Click to download
3.Base domain names in the CIS and former USSR (more than 6 500 000 domains) 3000 рос.руb Click to download the example
4.Base e-mail legal entities of the CIS and the former USSR (e-mail). More than 7,000,000 addresses. (the database is up-to-date by 95%) 5000 рос.руb Click to download the example
5.Base e-mail physical persons of the CIS and the former USSR (Name, surname, date of birth, region). More than 10 million addresses. (the database is up-to-date by 95%) 4000 рос.руб Click to download the example
6.Base domain names around the world (more than 250 000 000 domains) 5000 рос.руб Click to download example
7. The database of e-mails of individuals by type of activity more than 20 headings, more than 20 000 000 email (Name, surname, date of birth, region) .5000 рос.руб Click to download the list of headings
Prices are valid until December 31, 2018. Date of update - September 2018 The examples for all the same types of databases are the same, and serve to get acquainted with the structure of the file and information that will be in the database
1. Leave the application with the button - "ORDER BASE", specify the following information in the application: The base number and the country you need, the method convenient for your payment

2. We drop the payment details

3. You pay by email, we send the database you paid to your e-mail.


E-mail sending on client's base
E-mail sending on client's base

E-mail sending using client's base

E-mial sending on our client's base
E-mial sending on our client's base

E-mial sending using our client's base

10 steps to love customers that we will help you make

Interest your site visitors
We will completely free of charge develop for you a design subscription form that will attract attention and convince visitors to leave their email. As soon as the contact is taken, warm up your interest in your project and encourage you to make your first purchase. Configuring automatic sending of welcome letters with eSputnik - as easy as possible!

Make sure your emails are received.
When sending mass e-mails or sending single messages, we guarantee delivery of 99.9% of them. In the reports you will see all the information about readings and transitions, you will be able to evaluate which buttons and blocks turned out to be the most conversion thanks to the map of clicks.

Collect all the data that is possible
Quickly and almost effortlessly, you can configure the transfer of all customer data by API in order to effectively use it in emails. This will allow you to segment your base, personalize your email newsletter, and therefore make more profit!

Take them “cushy”
More than 60% of users drop baskets, not bringing the purchase to the end. Do not wait for their return - send letters with an offer to complete an order and a bonus. Customize letters of abandoned views, increasing sales up to 30%!

Personalize it!
Show customers that you are interested in them, making the mailing of letters only with the content that they need. Collect reviews, conduct surveys, offer related and recommended products or services.

Conquer their hearts
Create the correct, bright selling letters and fascinating content distribution with the help of our editor. 100+ ready blocks, a generator of product cards and a convenient html-format for the pros!

Do not let them forget about you
We came up with a truly unique feature - an embedded RFM analysis system to monitor the purchasing activity of your customers and remind you about you in time. Sending resuscitation letters can be automated, and we can do it!

Know in person those who love you
RFM segmentation will show you VIP clients, with whom it will not be superfluous to conduct personal correspondence, please with personal gifts and give thanks more often.

React to all
In eSputnik, we use a unique system of responses to events (for example, when your reader opened a letter or clicked on the right link, went to the site or looked at some product). All these events can be customized reaction. For example, send a contact to a special group or send a letter with a promotional code.

Assume and verify
Test, build hypotheses and test them. Find out which letter threads work best, which template sells more, how many letters your clients want to receive per month. We came up with a lot of tools for testing and are already using them.


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